The instigation of online marketing tools and technologies have made the  conventional marketing methods a major setback. Trust us, posters are not one among them. There is a continuing amelioration of poster marketing that has embossed the few frons in the corporate world.  A poster presentation unites the text and graphics to present your project in a way that is optically captivating and attainable. It entitles you to display your work to a massive batch of other intellectuals and to speak and to confer feedback from fascinated onlookers.  The initial thing to do before you go ahead working with your research poster is to marshal your text, images, graphs, charts, logos, and many more. This is the foremost and often the most overlooked time saving-part of the process.   Poster presentation setup vary from one field  to other field, but in every case, a poster should be  clearly vivid on what you execute, how you execute, why did you execute and what it bestows to your discipline and to the vast specialisation of human knowledge.