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Open Source Applications

Open Source which is widely called as the “open source way” points out to something that people can share and alter because its design is made publicly accessible. With its great adaptability feature, it is easy to simplify & streamline the development process. Open source for mission-driven systems is continuously advancing and has already hit prime time. While several factors come into play, the cost factor remains as the main basis for choosing open source. The software quality, reliability, security and other beneficial features have led business decision makers to earnestly commit to using open source in the enterprise.  Bring a noteworthy transformation in your IT environments and recommend the most effective and appropriate platforms for your business enterprise. At Signageguys we’ll help you to associate in a way that’s a win-win case for everybody.

Every business is unique and so is yours, what might be the perfect solution for one business might not be the same for others. Hence, with a keen eye on your business details, we make validations based on your ROI, not ours and that’s why we stand out from the rest. Backed by innovative and proven technology expertise, Figtechnology’s open source consulting and implementation services have directed a wide range of businesses towards achieving cost-effective and secure future. We devise strategies using a suite of pre-made and ready-to-integrate open source solutions, stacks, and IPs which are said to bring a noteworthy transformation in your IT environments and recommend the most effective and appropriate platforms, keeping in line with your long-term needs. Our full spectrum of service includes leveraging Open Source software together with support for products, strategic assessment, and tactical assistance for deployment. Whether you want assistance with architecture design or support or want us to manage every aspect of designing and developing a new application, our support engineers will work closely with you and deliver desired results. Want help? Call us now!